Thursday, May 31, 2012

S is for Sgraffito and Oil Pastels

While looking at different web sites on oil pastels, I found one (here) that discussed this technique, using water based oil pastels, called Sgraffito, which is Italian for scratch away. Sgraffito can also be used with paints and pottery.
Color blocks of color (in any shape) with "light" colors of water based oil pastels on watercolor paper. I dipped the pastels in water, which intensifies the colors. 
 Completely cover the surface with black water based oil pastel.
 Use tools of various width to scratch a design through the black layer.
 Here is my doodles sgraffito sample. I added a rhinestone to the center of the larger flower.


chrissy said...

What a great technique! There used to be something like that when I was a kid. Can't remember what it was called or where we got it.

Unknown said...

we are using this technique at school but instead of going over the pastel with black we go over it with paint then scratch the paint off