Sunday, February 26, 2012

Book Study - Water

On NGS group, we're doing a study of Darlene Olivia McElroy & Sandra Duran Wilson's book "Surface Treatment workshop" This week we're looking at the section "water". The water is used as a resist. And is very similar to the soap technique we looked at last week
This is also a "fussy" technique. The authors say don't let the wet paint get to dry before applying the water or not let the paint dry long enough before blotting off the water.
Painted a watered down yellow acrylic paint over watercolor paper and splattered large drops of water oner the surface.

 Used paper towel to blot, not wipe, off the wet water after the paint has dried.
 My result, think I needed to let the paint dry a bit more.
 One of the fun things to do with this technique is to do it in layers of different paint colors. Painted over surface with watered down red acrylic paint and splattered on water.
After blotting off the water. In my background the water is not very drop like, but I like the effect:
Decided to do one more layer with blue acrylic paint and splattering on water.
I'll stop here, because I love how it turned out:
This technique can be done over old paintings. I choose one of the All Purpose White Craft Glue backgrounds I made earlier.
Painted a watered down layer of red acrylic paint, and generously splattered with water.
Very interesting, when I blotted off the water with a paper towel, the water interacted with the glue and removed some of the silver acrylic paint along with the water.
On another one, I painted watered down blue acrylic paint over a purple acrylic background and splattered with water.
Used a large piece of paper towel to blot off the water and the authors state that the pattern of the paper towel can become part of your background.
I don't see it, maybe that's because of the texture of the watercolor paper:
No problem, decided to layer on more colors and splatter with water.
Either I used a thicker consistency of the yellow acrylic paint, or let it dry more that the other colors.
Repainted the orange and red areas, let dry longer and got a better result.
Other variations of this technique are to use over metal leaf, and using a water dropper to draw on the water.


FraniQ said...

Thank you for another great tutorial!

Daphne said...

Another great technique! This one has a lot of possibilites, and each one can be very very different. Thanks so much.