Friday, February 25, 2011

G is for Glue & Mica Powders

When making the Glue & Chalks/Pastels background in the post below, I wondered what it would be like using Mica powders instead of Chalks/Pastels. Made a large stripe of pva glue on a plastic sheet and sprinkled on some Mica powders.
Used a piece of hard plastic to mix up the mica powders into the glue, then pulled this mixture over a piece of matte card stock.
To create texture, pressed the plastic sheet down on the glue mixture while it was still wet and pulled it up.
That is the one on the left. The one of the right was a piece of manilla folder pressed down on the left over glue & mica powder.
Did another one using metallic mica powders:
The one on the left was made with pulling a piece of hard plastic over matte card stock and the one on the right was pressed down into the left over glue & mica powder.

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