Sunday, February 15, 2009

Canvas Play

I played with creating a layered painted look for a canvas. Lots of experimenting. I painted on a wash of blue acrylic paint. Making sure I used the extra to cover a work sheet to use in something later.
I painted on a purple acrylic wash, sprayed on water and dabbed off the excess. I pulled out another work sheet to cover with the excess paint.
I placed a Heidi Swapp mask over the canvas and sprayed with blue Shimmering Mist.

I turned the mask on the diagonal and sprayed again. Turned the mask over on my work sheet to add more lovely color to it.
I sprayed a bronze Color mist over the surface.
I covered the canvas with another Heidi Swapp mask, ans sponged on bronze Lumiere paint.
I used black StazOn ink to add french script and a saying by Victor Hugo.

There was too much contrast for what I wanted. I painted on an acrylic wash.
Still too much contrast, so I made a mixture of gold azo yellow & d. purple acrylic wash to paint on, the covered with q. nickel azo gold acrylic paint. This is more what I was going for.
Words got lost under all that paint, so I made a mixture of black and q. nickel azo gold acrylic paint, sponged it on my stamps and stamped on the words with that. (Wash acrylic paint off your stamps as soon as possible.)

Next, to turn the canvas into an arty piece.

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chrissy said...

You do such a great job combining colors. That is something I still struggle with all the time.