Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beautiful November Day

We've had a couple of sunny days this week and the temperature has been in the 40s - 50s. Most of my garden knows it is late fall:

I've been waiting for the last of the roses to turn to rose hips before trimming them. They are still growing new buds:
I haven't seen blue star creeper in bloom this late in the year. And was very surprised to find this bleeding heart in bloom today:And my fuchsias are still blooming beautifully.

The forecast is for the rains to return tonight, so I went off to the nursery and took advantage of the late season sales. I bought a new rose bush and some fuchsias that are still in bloom:
Love having all this color in the garden.

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Manna said...

You have beautiful flowers in your garden! Thanks for sharing the beauties with me!