Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2nd JAM & Iridescent gift wrap

Stephanie talked me into doing a second round of JAM ATCs. When I saw the beautiful backgrounds you see above, I thought of fairies. And a great opportunity to play with the iridescent gift wrap Adrienne sent to me. Adreinne says this is a decent substitute for fantasy film. See her blog for the fabulous creations she's made with both fantasy film and iridescent gift wrap. I inked a fairy image with black StazOn ink and placed two layers of wrap on top. Placed on a craft sheet and heated with a hot iron.
Looks fabulous.
I thought one layer of the iridescent gift wrap looked fine, maybe it's two layers needed for fantasy film. I did the other two fairy images with only one layer of wrap.
I didn't want the black background of the image to hide Stephanie's gorgeous background, so I cut down the image and layered it on the background. I love how the background shows through the image. The iridescent gift wrap gives a lovely ethereal look to my fairy image.
Here's how the ATCs look in natural light.
Now to find a third player to complete these ATCs......

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