Friday, October 17, 2008

Raven's Nest Art Retreat - Michael DeMeng's Class

I'm having lots of fun at the Raven's Nest Art Retreat. My first class today was Transparency Collage-assemblage. Learned lots about texture, acrylic paints and other stuff (will need to go back and check out my notes). Michael deMeng is a great teacher and has a fun sense of humor. Here he's demonstrating a pooling technique with acrylic washes and "posing" for me.

I enjoyed applying texture and experimenting with acrylic washes. I didn't get to the assemblage part, but love my box and what I've learned.

Close up of my box.
Michael saying something encouraging about my box during the class review time.

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Rosie said...

He's so a-ma-zing!! I am deeply envious Carol, but your box is awesome!! Do share the technique on your return!! Pretty please??!