Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Textured papers from Adrienne

I received a package of fun papers from my friend Adrienne to play with today. Included in the package were some gorgeous textured papers. They are especially precious, because they are no longer available where she shops. I also received a package of Adirondak Color Wash sprays I ordered today. Sounds like they are meant to be tried out together. The first sheet I pulled out to play with was the silver embossed sheet you see pictured above. I sprayed the colors of color wash over the surface and heat set.
I wanted to add a bit more glimmer, so I sprayed over the whole surface with a home made color wash that had perfect pearls added.
I cut off two pieces to quarter size sheets. To bring out the texture in the paper, I ran Brilliance ink over the surface. I used starlite silver on the first sheet.
And pearlescent olive on the other one.
There were also the same type of textured paper in this terracotta color.

I sprayed 3 different color washes over the surface and heat set.
I cut off two quarter sheet pieces. On one, I ran a cosmic copper Brilliance ink pad over the surface.
On the other sheet, I ran a gold galaxy Brilliance ink pad over the surface
I leave the other sprayed sheets to continue to play with for another day.

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Unknown said...

These look great....the color washes really transform the paper