Thursday, October 8, 2009

Textured Box

Mixed some Golden acrylic paints to mix with pearlesence powder to cover the inside of a paper mache box.
Added some q. nickel aro gold in some places and allowed to dry.
Used white DAP (painters acrylic latex caulk) to cover most of the outside of the box and swirled around (like frosting) and let dry overnight. Did a variety of washes (d. purple, p. green & p. blue) to paint over the DAP and allowed to dry. Then dry brushed on some Golden white acrylic paint and some Golden Fluid acrylic in interference gold (thanks Adrienne for sharing this with me).
Once the paints had dried covered with a wash of q. nickel aro gold & black Golden paints and allowed to dry.
Rubbed some light purple metallic rub-ons on the lid and some green metallic rub-ons on the lower part of the box.
Here's a close-up showing off the texture and layers of color:
Will let it sit for a while and think about how I want to embellish it.

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