Monday, October 5, 2009

F is for Friendly Plastic Fun

I learned a fabulous Friendly Plastic technique from Adrienne today, the one showing how she made the center piece for the art piece she gave me for my BD. She should have some other friedly plastic tips she showed me on her blog (when she gets a moment).
Here's how we did the "Oozed Friendly Plastic":

Softened some patterned friendly plastic in very warm water on a piece of foil.

Cover with a piece of holey lace/ribbon and firmly press down a shaped metal cookie cutter.

Quickly, while the friendly plastic is still warm, from behind the foil, press up the friendly plastic through the holes in the lace/ribbon. Without touching the friendly plastic, place into a bowl of cool water to set. Isn't the texture of this piece fabulous!!!
For another one, Adrienne ironed some Angelina Fibers together to create her own lacey bit to use. Again, lay the lacey bit over the warmed friendly plastic, press in metal shape and push up behind the foil to force the friendly plastic through the holes in the lace. This also gives a lovely 3d shape to the piece. Place in cool water to harden (with metal shape in place).
Once the friendly plastic has harden, you can cut away the extra bits (save for other projects).
Here are the pieces Adrienne made today:
Here are the three pieces I made today:
I am having FUN!!!


Zeborah Loray said...

Hard to believe those are that easy to make. Fantastic tachnique. I was blown away by the pieces Adrienne showed me.

WendyK said...

It is fun isn't it. Shades of Tintern there, the pieces are lovely

Anonymous said...

I love them Carol, it is great to see Oooze surfacing around the globe!