Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fabulous Papers with Cory

Had a fun class with Cory Celaya today, she taught us many paper techniques. One was turning tissue paper and wax paper into lovely translucent papers:
Another was not to throw away the newspaper under our work area, to add acrylic paints and go on from there. Here's a start to some of mine:
Then we had a lesson on canvas. Painted the canvas with acrylics:
Added a collage layer:
Then added dark lines and stamped with white acrylics, added more paint. On the left side I added a gold wash:
Liked how it turned out, but wanted to continue to experiment, so added some of the translucent paper I made, some to the left side and some on the right.
I'll have fun using this in other projects.

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chrissy said...

This is great paper to use on other projects!!!