Sunday, March 16, 2014

Gelli Plate Play with Thick & Thin Paints

On Next-Generation-Stampers Group, the challenge this month is use a Gelli Plate. I decided trying the technique of using thin and thick paints together. 
For the thin paint layer, I used a pink Distress Paint, and spread the paint with a brayer. The paint started to bead up, and I re-brayered it.
Nest, removed some of the paint with a texture tool.
Then brayered over with a thicker paint, a light blue acrylic paint.
Then pressed a sheet of paper over the paint on the Gelli Plate and lifted off. Here's the result:
 Tried again with some other colors. Used metallic brass Distress Paint for the thin paint layer. This time I left the paint as it was when it beaded up.
 Then brayered over with a light purple acrylic paint for the thick paint.
 Then pressed paper over the Gelli Plate and lifted off. This is the first one:
There was still a lot of paint on the Gelli Plate, so pressed down another sheet of paper for the ghost print:

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