Friday, August 24, 2012

Masking over acrylic painted backgrounds

Decided to play with masking over acrylic painted backgrounds for an upcoming swap. I painted gesso over both sides of cardboard. When it dried I painted them with bright yellow acrylic paint, dried. Stamped on orange circles with acrylic paint, dried. Sponged red acrylic paint over sequin waste, dried. Stamped on diamond like shapes using purple acrylic paint on a bit of foam packaging, dried.
 I'm making all the backs about the same. Placed a clock mask over the background and sponged on blue acrylic paint with a large dauber (wash paint off mask immediately).
 A fun background to play with later.
 I used assorted masks over the front sides to create these backgrounds for a variety of looks.
Now to contemplate the next step.....

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