Wednesday, April 11, 2012

M is for Misted Stencils

Received the latest Technique Junkies Newsletter, and had to give this technique a try. 

Place stencil on protected work surface (if using a stencil with numbers or letters, spray on the reverse side like I've done here). Lightly mist the stencil with perfect pearls spray (I made my own spray by mixing perfect pearls and water in a mister bottle).

Spray various colors of color wash sprays over different areas of the stencil.
Leave the stencil on the work surface, place card stock down on the stencil to absorb the ink.
Use heat tool to dry ink. The original spray of perfect pearls gives the surface a nice shimmer. I might have sprayed too heavily with the bronze spray, but I like it.
Tried again with a little less spray and didn't use the red spray.
Details show up a bit better, but I think there will be smearing with this technique.
Tried with only color wash sprays on another plastic stencil. Started with a light mist of the perfect pearls spray. Then, I was hoping to use less spray and take advantage of the intense colors of the Adirondack sprays. However, the tops in these colors seemed to be streams of ink instead of spray.
Continued on, the colors are intense.
Also tried this technique with a metal stencil, but it did not work as well as the plastic stencils. Started with the perfect pearl spray and then used these home made sprays (dye ink re-inkers and water).
The colors seemed to diffuse off the metal surface through out the card stock.
Tried to add more "trees" to the card stock by using a light spray bronze spray over the opposite side of the metal stencil,
Very difficult to see the bronze spray as tree images.
I know it is "only paper", but I don't like throwing out "mistakes". Decided to use another part of the same stencil in the traditional stencil way. Taped another section of the stencil over my card and sprayed with blue Memories Mist spray.
This one is my favorite. Glad I didn't toss the work in progress.

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Fuchsia said...

Love those stencils !