Thursday, April 7, 2011

Book Study - Wrinkle Free Distress

We've started a new book study on NGS group, we are looking at Tim Holtz's book "A Compendium of Curiosities". This week's study is the section "Wrinkle Free Distress". Tim has a video demonstrating this technique.
This technique uses a craft sheet, I want you to see how messy mine is before we start. It still works.
Swipe a few colors of Distress Ink directly on the craft sheet, careful not to overlap the ink colors.
Use a fine mist spray bottle to spray enough water onto the inks to create droplets on the sheet.
Press a tag or other card stock or paper onto the wet ink. I used piece of manilla folder. Be careful not to move the paper around as the inks will blend and muddy.Dry the inks with a heat tool. You will be drying the inks between each layer of inking to prevent the colors from muddying. I sprayed on lots of water and this caused a small amount of muddying of colors. Nothing I can't live with : )
Lightly tap the paper back on to the inked craft sheet, this time do not press down.
Again, heat the ink.
Continue to pick up ink color with your paper, heating between each layer of picking up ink. The lighter you apply the paper to the ink, the more splatter appearance will be achieved. Here's my Wrinkle Free Distress Piece:
Still have ink on my craft sheet, so I'll make another piece, remembering to heat set the inks between each layer of inking.
Here's my second piece:Link
I played with this technique before, getting more intense colors, you can see that post here.


Created By You said...

Fabulous post, can't wait to try it.. thanks so much for sharing it step by step!
Sharon F.

CreativSpirit said...

Hi Carol,

This would have to be my favourite technique, I never tire of all the wonderfully different results from these lovely inks. Thanks for the tutorial.

Jenny and Jimbob said...

Very stylish technique, thanks for the tutorial!