Saturday, April 16, 2011

Acrylic Molding Paste with pressed shapes Technique

I need an "A" technique for an upcoming ATC swap, and decided to try this one from Nancy Reyner's book "Acrylic Revolution".
Apply a layer of acrylic molding paste over card stock or other surface. Smooth as evenly as possible with a palette knife.
Before the molding paste dries, press objects into the paste using whatever objects you want to try. Here I used sequin waste, ball chain and a thimble. Let dry completely.
Once the molding paste has dried, add color as desired. I mixed yellow acrylic paint with acrylic glazing liquid over part of the surface.
While it was still wet, painted on some blue acrylic paint mixed with acrylic glazing liquid.
Let dry.
Now to decide what to add to my backgrounds.

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Rosie Rowe said...

Loved this Carol - and the angelina butterfly too! I have terrible trouble parting with heavily textured backgrounds... I'm never sure they'll be "appreciated"!! Lol!