Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Beaded Quilted Clutch Purse

I signed up for a Secret Santa Swap on Art-Ventures group. The instructions were "make a gift for your partner. Please put your best effort into this creation and make something that you are proud to give and would love to receive yourself!". I found a pattern to make small quilted clutch purses called "Snap Happy". I made the "large one" it measures about 7" x 6". Used some of my favorite batik fabrics and even did free motion sewing on my machine to quilt the fabric on the main body of the purse. Used some of my special bead stash to create embellishments on the pull tabs and to add a beaded dragonfly charm & decorative fringe to the side.
The decorative band around the top easily sips off the top to create a strap.
I added the charms and fibers to a blue glass bead that can easily slip off the strap, if the recipient would like to remove them.
I had lots of fun creating these beaded embellishments to the pull tabs. I highly recommend Beverly Gilbert's book "Beaded Colorways" it has lots of beading techniques, color theory, and great color wheels to play with.
I bought these dragonfly embellishments a few years ago and thought this was a great project to use them (sorry, I don't remember what they are called or who makes/sells them).
I just heard Cathee has opened her gift and loves it, so it's okay for me to post this.


SweetPea said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Love this Carol :)

chrissy said...

WOW... I knew I should have set myself up as your partner....But that wouldn't have been fair. I have received so many of your wonderful creations and wanted others to have the fun also.