Thursday, October 15, 2009

Copper Enameling

Linda Hanson of After Midnight Art Stamps taught us how to make enameled copper bracelets. Here she is showing us her beautiful bracelet.
We cut out the 24 g. copper pieces, filed down the edges, punched out the holes we'd need, bent the copper to arch the pieces and roughed up the surface to remove the oil left from our fingers.
We spread some type of liquid over the copper and layered on different colors of the enamel powders.
Between each layer of enamel, we would heat the copper to melt the enamel.
I used lots of layers of translucent enamels on my pieces.
Decided to finish off the pieces with the Opalescent white.
Here are the pieces when I finished layering on the enamel.
Decided to connect my pieces with multiple jump rings, so I now have 3 extra rectangular pieces to use in other projects.
Also made these pieces with fewer layers of translucent enamels.
And also made the piece below with a combination of beating the copper, heating without enamels and then used just a few translucent enamel layers.
This was lots of fun.

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chrissy said...

Sounds like you are learning lots and maybe picking up another hobby that is going to cost$$$$.