Friday, October 9, 2009

Color Theory Class

I'm taking my second beading class with Beverly Gilbert. This one is a two day course called Wander with Color. We started with lessons in color theory. Then we choose our bead color palette, picking colors we wanted to use together and learning how to make color connections to tie them together. I choose a palette of Black, blues, pewter and white. Here's my working plan.
I have laid out my beads, started a long strand of the color order I want and have started the free form netting.
My beads are blending well on the bead mat and on my strand.
Tomorrow, I'll continue netting them together and begin to incorporate larger beads. This is certainly a new adventure.

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chrissy said...

I think you and Adrienne may have convinced me to take one of Beverly's classes when she comes to our area in June next year. Dangerous!!!