Saturday, February 23, 2008

Luminous Paste

I got this idea from Julia Andrus's book "Paper Transformed" and made a few alterations.
I mixed turquoise perfect peals with a small amount of water and added gedl acrylic medium to make the paste. Spread the paste over the paper (I used glossy card stock because it's easy to spread the paste over).

While the paste is still wet, you can use a plastic fork or a cut up plastic credit card to make designs. I bought this trowel for working with paste paper years ago and really like it. Let it dry. This paste dries quickly.

I made a second batch of paste, similar to the first, but chose perfect violet with just a touch of bronze perfect pearls, and spread it over the dried surface.

While the paste is still wet, create another design and let dry.

Paste paper is so versatile. You can use any colors, any design, any paper to work with. In Julia's book she gives an example of multiple colors in one layer of paste over black card stock.
Here is the half sheet finished:

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Maggi said...

Just scrolled through all the backgrounds you posted - WOWZA!!!! I can even tell you which is my favorite. I had totally forgotten about using the art tissue paper on glossy, and I love the textured gesso. Thanks for posting.