Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gelli Plate and Embossing Folders

I haven't spent much time playing with my Gelli Plate, but I saw this video on YouTube on using Texture Fades (embossing folders) with the Gelli Plate. Watch the video!!!!
I brayered green acrylic paint on the Gelli Plate and pressed two embossing folders into the paint and ran the brayer over them.
 I used a bit much paint. The paper on the left is the first paper I pressed onto the Gelli Plate and ran the brayer over it. The paper on the right is the second paper (often called the "ghost sheet").
 I also pressed the embossing folders onto white paper and brayered over them,
 and got this image.
 Cleaned the Gelli Plate, brayered on a combo of blue & purple acrylic paints, pressed on two embossing folders, brayered over the tops of the folders. The paper on the left is the first "printing" on the one I did on the left above. The paper on the right is the second "printing" I did on the one on the right above.
 Also pressed the embossing folder on the extra sheet where I'd pressed the embossing folder before.
 Decided to try this technique on a dictionary page. This time I used Golden acrylics which dried faster on the Gelli Plate, so I didn't get a "ghost sheet".  This is the printing I got on the dictionary page with q azo nickel gold.
Brayered red on the Gelli Plate and place down these two embossing folders.
 And here's how the dictionary page looks after printing the on the same dictionary page.
 I need more time to play with the Gelli Plate, there are lots of fun tutorials on the Gelli Arts Blog.

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chrissy said...

I think you are doing great with your gelli plate!! I never thought of using the texture fades or embossing plates... that is a good idea.