Thursday, June 28, 2012

Faux Tissue/Washi Tape

There are a great variety of tissue/washi tapes on the market now. And many are creating there own faux tissue or washi tape. I decided to experiment and take my results to stamp club last night. The top strip is white florist tape, the middle is paper first aid tape and the bottom is white tissue paper run through a Xyron adhesive machine. I used the same stamp and permanent ink on all three. The tissue paper had the most vivid color. The florist tape, besides not being as adhesive as tape, stretched while being handled. It could be used with adhesive.
 Next, I added color to the tapes with tea dye Distress Ink. Again, the tissue paper had the most intense color. The paper first aid tape is the easiest to use and will work when a more muted look is desired.
 Also, stamped over a tissue paper with a variety of permanent ink colors and stamps. This will be cut into various width strips.
 found some sparkly red tissue paper in my stash and stamped birthday stamp with dark blue StazOn in. The top piece is the tissue paper run through the Xyron adhesive. The lower one, is the tissue paper first adhered to light weight paper then through the Xyron adhesive.
 Found some light weight origami paper printed, ran through the Xyron adhesive and cut into strips for some bright colorful faux tissue/washi paper.
We discussed in club how much fun we'll have re looking at all the various tissue papers and paper napkins in our stashes to make more of these fun tapes!
The advantage of making your own tapes, is you can create your own themes and match colors with the inks you have.

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