Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Blue" Color Perceptions ATC

For October, in the Color Perceptions ATC swap on ArtVentures Group, the color will be Blue. The ATC is supposed to be predominately blue, and be based on how blue makes me feel. I love the Color Blue, thinking of the sea and the sky and find it very calming and relaxing: Serene.
I made my background using a variety of blue dye inks with masks. I lightly sponged a light blue ink over a coated card stock. Placed a Post-it note cut mask over the lower part and sponged more of the same color ink in darker layers over the card.
 Placed another Post-it note mask over the card and sponged a darker shade of blue dye ink over the card.
 Finally placed a Post-it note over the card and sponged a slightly darker blue ink over the lower half of the card.
 After removing all the Post-it note masks, stamped a heron stamp over the card with a dark blue dye ink. Layered a light blue mesh fabric with shiny circles attached (similar to the mist over the water). Then added an ornate silver metal star with a blue brad.
Reminds me of the view near my home.

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