Thursday, June 27, 2013


For one of my stamp clubs, we are to make tag/bookmarks. For the background, I'm using the waxed paper resist with embossing folders technique, similar to the wrinkled wax paper resist with embossing folder technique. Place a piece of wax paper slightly larger than your embossing folder into an embossing folder and emboss (left picture). You should be able to see the design on the wax paper (center picture) if not, use a paper shim and emboss again. Then place the embossed wax paper between two sheets of card stock or tags (right picture) and heat with a hot dry iron. Hold onto one edge of the tags while ironing one half, the reverse. If you iron without holding the paper firmly, the wax paper will shift and the design will be blurry.
If you look close, you can see the wax design on the tags.
Use die ink straight from the pad and rub over the card stock/tag, until it is completely covered. You can use more than one color of ink as desired.
I like to use a baby wipe (or you can use a paper towel) to remove the ink from the wax resist.
For my tag/bookmark, I stamped words, a saying, a butterfly and a woman image with black India Ink. Colored in the images with Distress markers, and added some Distress glitter to the butterfly and flower in the woman's hair. Then I added lots of fibers.


Hilda said...

Gorgeous Carol - would you kindly tell me what wax paper you use for this technique?? I have tried with the wax paper I bought to assist release my dies and could not get any rresisit at all!! Thanks, H xx

Carol said...

I use our local store brand. I think the key is to have a HOT iron, some craft irons don't get hot enough. To not get wax on a good iron, wrap foil around the bottom of the iron before you turn it on. Also keep the iron over the card stock for a bit. Also only iron about 1/2 - 2/3 at a time holding the card stock down on the other side so the card stock & wax paper don't move, blurring the pattern. Only use the embossed wax paper one time. Hope this makes sense and helps.

Hilda said...

Thanks Carol - I will have another go - I think maybe the card I had on top of the wax paper was too thick. I have done this technique in the past using Reynolds was paper but I dont have any of this left - will persevere with what I have !!