Wednesday, January 2, 2013

V is for Vaseline Resist

Decided to try the Vaseline Resist with a couple of different mediums.
Start by spreading some Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly on a piece of fun foam. This is similar to making an ink pad.
 Use stamp to pick up the Vaseline and stamp onto card stock.
 Use a sponge to apply dye ink over the stamped image. If using more than one color of ink, start with the lightest color of ink.
 Apply the next darker color of ink with a sponge where desired.
 Continue to sponge on darker inks as desired.
 I like how this turned out. This can be stamped over if you desire.
 Also did the Vaseline Resist with a glittery spray. Stamped the same image with vaseline on card stock. Sprayed over the card stock with Shimmering Mist spray and let dry.
 The ink in the spray seems to adhere to the Vaseline. I like how this looks also.

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chrissy said...

Very cool... I never tried the vaseline resist.