Thursday, September 29, 2011

C is for Crayon Rubbed Embossing

 Found a new to me technique on Split Coast Stampers. And now that I'm looking at the directions again, realized I didn't quite follow them. : )
The instructions say to place the card stock ON the raised side of an embossing folder, then use the side of a white crayon and firmly rub over all over the card stock, rubbing several times over the raised areas.  I placed the card stock IN the embossing folder and ran in through my Cuttlebug, then used the side of a light colored crayon to cover the raised areas.
 I wondered how I was going to color the surface in the depressed areas, so I flattened the card stock by re running it through the Cuttlebug under the embossing folder.
 The directions said to ink a rubber brayer with a dye based ink to cover the card. I ran Distress ink over the card stock with the Direct to Paper method of applying ink.
 Use soft cloth to burnish the whole image and remove extra ink from the wax and brighten the design.
 Here's my finished background.
 Decided to smooth out the crayon by heating the card stock with a heat tool. Then added an image of a couple and a "corrosive effects" embellishment. Another "C" technique ATC to add to my book.

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