Saturday, October 23, 2010

Book Study - Inky Layers

On NGS group we are studying Bernie Berlin's book "Artist Trading Card Workshop", this week we are looking at the section "Inky Layers". Bernie states she came up with this technique from having too many supplies that would dry up from not being used fast enough.
Start by making a collage from a variety of papers on to your ATC back. If you want, color some of the edges with dye ink.
Sponge some dye ink colors to the card, leaving some white areas.
Then apply a colored glaze over the entire card. I don't have any colored glaze, so I made my own by mixing acrylic paint with glazing liquid.
Then apply pigment ink on small areas of the card.
The final layer is to apply iridescent ink that is semitransparent to some areas and blend in.
These were fun backgrounds to make.


CreativSpirit said...

Beautiful Carol. I need to go and try this one, thanks.

Rosie said...

Carol, these are absolutely gorgeous! You always combine colours and techniques beautifully - one reason for visiting your blog regularly! xxx

chrissy said...

Love how these turned out... the colors are great.

Maggi said...

Thanks for reminding me of this cool technique. Off to search through the scrap box!

Margaret said...

Carol, these are Beautiful!