Thursday, March 29, 2012

Melting Pot Moon Embellishment

Finally bought a melting pot, a wanted to see if these metallic moon embellishments would be easier in the melting pot, than doing in three layers over embossing ink and melting with a heat tool as seen in this post.
Stamped moon image on mat board and cut out. Added a masking tape flap to have something to hold with the tweezers to pick up in the melting pot.
 Heated gold embossing enamel in Melting Pot per melting pot instructions. Dropped mat board into the melted embossing enamel to coat top surface.
 Had moon stamp inked with midnight blue StazOn ink, removed mat board and pressed inked stamp into the still melted embossing enamel on the mat board.
 I think the time it took to move the mat board from the melting pot to the craft sheet, the embossing enamel had started to cool somewhat. So the stamped impression isn't as deep as when I did this technique with a heat tool.

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