Thursday, March 22, 2012

M is for Metallic Alcohol Roll

I'm having fun trying lots of "M" techniques from the Technique Junkies Newsletter.
Pour some alcohol blending solution on a non stick craft sheet. Drop on 2-3 colors of coordinating alcohol inks, try to keep separate. Add a few drops of metallic mixative (discovered my copper no longer works, so added some gold metallic fixative).
 On Roll sponge brayer through the inks to pick up colors (you sponge will be permanently colored, but once dry shouldn't transfer these colors to future projects).
Roll brayer over card stock. Continue to pick up colors with the sponge brayer and roll over the paper until covered to how you like. Leaving white space is OK.
The gold metallic fixative didn't show well.
Not part of this technique, but decided to make some gold spots on the craft sheet with a metallic marker.
Used sponge roller to pick up the gold ink and rolled it over the surface:

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