Saturday, March 17, 2012

M is for Multi-layered Metallic Marker Background

I like the look of the metallic marker background where I picked up excess metallic marker run off on white glossy card stock (in this post), so I thought I'd do it on purpose. This way the different colors are are put on the paper one at a time and can be seen through the different layers. The colors don't mix.
Started by scribbling purple metallic marker on a non stick craft sheet and sprayed with water.
Placed white glossy card stock face down in the wet marker ink and turned the paper. Heat set to speed drying, and placed back in the remaining drops of wet marker ink and heat set again. (You can wait for the inks to dry, but I'm too impatient)
Next, did the same with a blue metallic marker.
Repeated same steps with a green metallic marker.
Again, with a gold metallic marker.
Ended with another layer of purple metallic marker.

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