Saturday, October 8, 2011

I is for Intaglio

One definition of Intaglio is "ornamentation with a figure or design sunk below the surface". This technique has been called Intaglio and  the Extra Thick (or UTEE) Embossing Technique and probably several other names as well.  I've also seen this technique done with regular embossing powders using more layers of embossing.

 Start with a thick card stock, you can use plain or colored card stock or ink the card stock. Since I am experimenting, I pulled out a previous done background that I didn't like at the time. Cover the surface with VersaMark ink (it helps if you re-ink the pad before doing this technique). Coat the surface with embossing enamel and heat set. I've seen people add extra embossing enamel while the previous layer is still hot and heat again, but I find the layers work better if I coat the layers with VersaMark ink before adding the next layer with embossing enamel and then heat setting. I did 4 layers of VersaMark-embossing enamel-heat set.
 While the fourth layer was still hot, I pressed down a rubber stamp image that had been inked with VersaMark and left the stamp in the embossing enamel until it had cooled.
 Remove the rubber stamp and you can see the impression stamped into the embossing enamel.
 You can either color the raised areas to show the contrast OR color in the depressed areas with alcohol ink or other medium. I choose to rub a combination of green and gold metallic rub-ons over the raised areas.
 I've added a large "I" chipboard sticker and will use this to be a place marker in my notebook for the upcoming "I" technique ATCs

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