Wednesday, October 5, 2011

G is for Glue embellishments

I hear that embellishments can be made out of glue ones that look like the colored pearls, I've wondered what has been used to color the glue. So I got out my hot glue gun and had a bit of play. First I made some small drops of hot glue on a craft map and let them cool.
The drop on the right is left plain, the 2nd one was colored with plum Perfect Pearls, the 3rd one had red metallic rub-ons, the 4th one has terra cotta alcohol ink, the 5th one has black alcohol ink and the last one had silver metallic mixative. Love the diverse looks of these glue drops.

Next I made a bigger glue blob, place a decorative brad in VersaMark ink, then pressed into the hot glue blob, when cool removed the decorative brad. Then I trimmed off the outer raised glue. I found the cooled glue very easy to cut with scissors.
I colored the pressed glue drop with black alcohol ink, the highlighted the raised areas with silver metallic rub-ons. Looks like a decorative metal embellishment.
Also colored one of the drops with the raised glue area left on, the same as those above.
These are very light weight. Lots of decorative possibilities with these glue drops!

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