Saturday, October 8, 2011

F is for Fabric Painting

 It is fun to create colors and patterns on plain fabric. I used a natural muslin. To get a smooth coating of acrylic paint, I mixed yellow acrylic paint with acrylic glazing liquid. This does prolong the drying time.
 Once the first layer has dried, add more color/design by either stamping (I used a sponge to get a smooth coating of Lumiere paint to my stamp. Remember to immediately wash acrylic paints off your stamps, sponges and other tools).
 And/or add color with sponging on paint over stencils.
 On this piece of fabric, I also stamped the diagonal lines in the opposite direction from the blue paint with gold Lumiere paint.
Once you're finished painting your fabric, let it dry completely. Lumiere paint says for 24 hours, then iron on both sides to heat set.

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