Sunday, May 10, 2009

Water Color Wash Backgrounds

So glad to have Trish inspire us again with the Background Noise Challenges. She has two techniques for the Water Color Wash Backgrounds on her site, one using water color crayons and the other using water color markers. I choose the latter, because I have lots of water color markers.
I rubbed a variety of colors on a craft sheet and sprayed with water:
Then I laid down pre-cut linen canvas ATC cards into the inks to pick up the color. You can use any non glossy paper with this technique. I picked this packet up last fall and thought it would be fun to try them out with this technique.
For the next batch, I colored on assorted blues, purples and greens on the craft sheet and sprayed with water.
This is how this batch came out:
There was lots of watered down color on the mat, so I rubbed on some more purple water color ink and lightly sprayed with water.
These are the four from the last set:
I love the texture of these linen canvas, I need to keep my eyes open to get more.

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