Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memory Folder for Mother's Day

Have you seen these cute fold-out folders to add pretty papers and photos, etc to? I had fun adding papers to this 6"x6" folder at a workshop. Then came home, developed photos from my Mother's Family reunion last August, to make her a gift (I'm really not late, my folks don't arrive here until the end of May). Discovered the large group photos would not fit on 6" page, as I was unwilling to crop off any family members. So I decided to try making a larger folder with whatever I had in my stash.

I found two black mat board pieces (the parts cut out of mats) that were 8"x10" and cut them down to 8"X8".
Pulled out the thickest card stock I could find (happy to have them in this great neutral color). Cut them to 7-7/8" x 11". Two of the sheets, I made a fold to create a 7-7/8" square with a rectangular fold at the end. The third sheet was folded in half.
Glued the sheet folded in half to the square ends of the other two sheets. Glued the rectangular flaps on the ends to the square mat boards. Inked the edges of the mat board with black chalk ink. Generously inked the edges and folds on both sides with brown chalk ink.
Folders covered with decorative papers, front and back:

Here's how it turned out after adding photos, etc. Front:
One side of folder:

Other side of folder:

My mom will enjoy this reminder of the fun reunion.

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Rena Sawatski said...

What great pictures in your little book. I am sure your Mom will love it and what wonderful memories she will have of the reunion.

As always Carol, beautiful work!!