Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Brocade Polymer Clay Part 2

After making the Brocade Polymer Clay pieces earlier this month, I realized I hadn't followed the instructions correctly, when I saw other's creations. Nothing wrong with Adrienne's instructions (which are excellent), I'm a poor reader LOL!
I'm working on a Black Large Tag for a Rainbow Tag Booklet and need some embellishments. decided to give this another play. These need to read as black, so I couldn't add much in the way of color. After conditioning and rolling out the soft Fimo black clay, rubbed a thin layer of Sparkle Lumiere paint over the surface with my finger and let dry.

Several people mentioned using VersaMark ink instead of cornstarch to keep the stamp from sticking to the clay. Works great!!! Repeatedly stamped a flourish stamp over the surface, making sure to re-ink the stamp with VersaMark ink each time. I wanted lots of detail in the clay, as I'll be cutting out at least 18 little stars.
Rubbed a very thin layer of silver Lumiere paint over the raised surface of the polymer clay and let dry.
Here's the step I missed last time: Rolled the clay out flat, so the different paint appears as a design within the clay. How cool is that!!! This is really striking when doing with various colors, but I need black on black for my project. Used a small cookie cutter to cut out the stars and a pencil to poke holes into my buttons. These were baked on a foil sheet per instructions on the clay package.
I like how these turned out:

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