Sunday, May 10, 2009

Water Color Wash Background ATCs

When I made backgrounds today, I was hoping to come up with an idea to use them in a swap later on. HOWEVER, while I was working, I saw a variety of papers and images laying around on my work surface, and inspiration struck! Hooray for messy work spaces!!! Don't think these would have been made, if everything had been neatly put away. LOL (Also helped that I had a web cam visit today with my 3 yr old granddaughter, who loves to change her outfits many, many times throughout the day.)These are for a swap Chrissy is running on ccswaps, where we are to use the Water Color Wash Backgrounds we make using Trish's technique. I'm hoping I can participate using the Part 2 technique, that I did below. Chose the first set I made, and stamped a floral flourish several times in blue dye ink (the same color as one of the markers used in making the background), also used this ink to color the edges of the ATCs. Then stamped the same flourish in black Versafine ink in one corner of each ATC.

Had the same vintage image I was used for the Bellie Swap in a larger size laying on my table. I cut these out (without the wings), and colored the edges of the image with a black marking pen. Picked out left over papers from my table to cut out with a Cuttlebug butterfly die and embossed the wings (details with close up photos below) in the Cuttlebug embossing folders. I cut off the antennae from the butterflies, and creased the wings along the center. Folded the wings in half, glued only the bottom side of the wings to the ATC. Adhered the girl image to the ATC and to a portion on the wings.
Used the bright white on white pattern paper that was left over from the May QOTM card on one side of the wings. Adhered the iridescent gift wrap left over from punching out dragonflies for Adrienne's pencil box, on the other side.
Used scrap paper laying in the bottom of my spray box and glued the sheet back to back, before cutting out wings. Stamped floral flourish with orange Distress ink, and ran the orange Distress ink around the edges of the wings.
Used an extra background from the Bellie Swap card, and stamped the same design on the back of the wings.

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Trizzy said...

Hey Carol - you do such gorgeous art - please accept the blog award I have given you, just visit my blog to see the details - hugs....