Saturday, October 20, 2007

Shimmering Mists

I went back to Olympia to pick up my stencil order and the Shimmering Mists by LuminArte caught my eye. I picked up a bottle of the gold and the silver sprays and one called Guatemalan Green (it looks blue to me). I sprayed the Guatemalan Green and the Gold onto glossy card stock. I was heavy with the spray, so I placed a 2nd sheet of glossy on top and rubbed them together. When I pulled the sheets apart, some of the paper from one sheet tore off on to the first sheet. I thought this made for interesting texture and added some more spray to cover the white areas. Next, I had an odd sheet of periwinkle(?) card stock, I sprayed it with the Guatemalan Green and the Gold Shimmering Mists and again smeared it on another sheet of the same card stock, being careful not to rub to hard.

I cut this second background up to use in an upcoming "S" swap I'm in. I stenciled a sun with gold stencil paste onto this shimmery background. Then layered onto a sheet of stenciled swirls that I had highlighted with gold. Placed this on gold paper and a dark blue card.

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