Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Other Art & Soul

I stopped at Art & Soul, a stamp store in Lacey, Washington on my way home today. I took a fun stencil class. Which was taught by Lynell Harlow of Dreamweaver Stencils. The basic technique was to spray color wash(es) onto the plain side of a metal stencil, lay the stencil wet side up on a paper towel, place a piece of glossy card stock down onto the stencil, hold on one end of the card stock & stencil and with the other hand rub across the back of the card stock away from your first hand, then pull the card stock off the stencil. It was very messy.

On this pine cone stencil, I first sprayed the glossy card stock with a greenish brown spray and let it dry before doing the technique described above. This was one of the few stencil images where I didn't make a big smeary mess of the image. No worries, as we were given stencil paste to use.

On this one, I had smeared the image quite badly, so I replaced the stencil (as we were taught in class) and covered the pine cone image with pearlescent stencil paste (or maybe it's Trnaslucent, they didn't have any on stock and I ordered a jar. I'll make the correction when my order comes in, and I discover what it's called.)

On this one, I used the pearlescent stencil paste, then added gold glitter while the stencil paste was still wet.

Again, I used the pearlescent stencil paste on this crane image to cover up the smearing I did.

On these last two, I used black stencil paste. It salvaged the huge mess I made of the butterfly piece. On the cranes, because I was using black stencil paste on a dark background, I offset the stencil to let a white edge show. It is my favorite of the bunch. I bought several colors of stencil paste and ordered several stencils. So more stencil play to come.



Chris in Oz said...

WOW, Carol, these look great. I would never know that you'd had to 'rescue' them if you hadn't said so. Just might have to try this.


Anonymous said...

I love the different looks you achieved with the stencils and paste. There alot of texture and movement. Wow! I love this!

hugs, cyn

Manna said...

These are wonderful! Beautiful stencils you have. Thanks for sharing these. I'll have to try it because I have all but the pearlized stencil paste. ~ Manna

Trish Bee said...

BEAUTIFUL! OMG Ive died and gone to art heaven! I love this technique!!! Must try it pronto!

Daria said...
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Daria said...

These are fabulously beautiful. Thank you for explaining how you made them.