Saturday, October 20, 2007

Recipe Tags

I signed up to be in a Christmas Recipe Tag Book Swap twice. For one set, I agreed to make the covers. I was excited to find these stamps of the old-fashioned Campbell Soup Kids to use on the front cover, to go with the nostalgic feel I wanted. I found a poem called the 'Smells of Christmas' to use on the flip side of the front cover.

I left the back cover plain, and added a bonus recipe on the flip side.

This is the decorative side of one of my recipe tags

And this is the other tag.


Anonymous said...

shame that the cards came out so dark but I like the first with the ornaments most. were these stamped on? or pasted?


Anonymous said...

I also like the candlelight tag. That definitely has a nice winter feel and I'm sure would be a good bookmark -- as they all would -- to use and cherish for years.

this definitely looks stamped though the paper with the ripped edge adds to the appeal. well done.

thanks again, e

Manna said...

What fun tags! You are so great at finding cute vintage stamps. Love the bonus recipe!

And you also have been tagged. See my blog for details. Hope you'll play!