Monday, October 15, 2007

German Bells

For the 12 days of Christmas Swap, we were instructed to get creative in our gift wrapping. I came up with a fun idea for the smaller set of gifts I had made. I decided to make German Bells and to place the gift inside the bell. These bells can be used as ornaments, or the recipient may take apart the bell and use the paper and ribbon in other projects. I found some silver holographic holly card stock to make my German Bells and matching gift tags. I lightly colored in the leaves with 2 shades of green alcohol inks, then folded the card stock into the bells.
To make the bells, cut a sheet of card stock into a square. Make fold lines as illustrated in the photo with the black lines. The lines that do not go from corner to corner are creased as you would if you were making a paper airplane. (I don't know if there is a special term for that fold). Altogether, there are 12 folds.
The last photo shows which way to crease the folds as you are making the bell. The lines highlighted orange are creased in toward the center of the bell (valley folds). The lines highlighted pink are creased outward (mountain folds). Then punch holes into the 4 points, to tie the ribbon through.


Manna said...

Carol, this is wonderful! Thanks for the directions. I shall give it a try!

Annie said...

Carol these are lovely.

Susie said...

Love these Carol, What a brilliant idea - lucky recipients will get two gifts in one!