Friday, March 19, 2010

Book Study - White Glue Crackle

On NGS group, we are studying Julia Andrus' book "Paper Transformed". This week we are looking at the section on White Glue Crackle. Easy & inexpensive way to make crackle, just takes a bit of time.
Start with card stock, using a color that is your desired under tone color. Paint a thin application of white school glue over the card stock and let dry until it is tacky, but not dry. Julia mentions to created fine line crackle, use the glue straight. For wider cracks in the crackle, thin the glue with water (which is what I did).
When the glue is tacky, paint over the paper with acrylic paint of your choice of color and let the paint dry naturally (this is where the time comes in).
Here are my results:


Rosie Rowe said...

Oh I like that Carol! It looks like weathered wood, or peeling paint... I'd love to know how that technique works with the vaseline (petroleum jelly)!

CreativSpirit said...

This looks great Carol, just as effective as the crackle meduim. Thanks for shring these techniques.

Hugs, Rob

chrissy said...

This definitely looks like an inexpensive way to get the crackle look! Thanks Carol...
Chrissy Bornfleth