Thursday, March 11, 2010

Book Review - Luminous Lifting

This is the reverse or opposite technique from the "Luminous Dusting" technique shown below, another technique in Julia Andrus' book "Paper Transformed".
Rub VersaMark, Perfect Medium or Embossing ink on to dark matte paper with a paper towel or sponge.
Brush on assorted Perfect Pearls with a brush to cover the paper, then brush off the excess powders.
Using VersaMark, Perfect Medium or Embossing ink, ink a stamp, then press the stamp on to the Perfect Pearl covered paper. Lift up the stamp, you'll see that the stamp imaged removed the Perfect Pearls from the dark paper.
Spray the paper with a fine mist of water to set the Perfect Pearls to the paper.


chrissy said...

Looks beautiful Carol!

Anonymous said...

This is definitely the lovelier of the two techniques. Thanks.