Tuesday, September 29, 2009

F is for Fusible webbing backgrounds

F is for the following techniques: Faux Leather, Faux Washi, Faux Silk, Faux Chipboard, Faux Batik, Faux Bleach, Faux Postage Stamping, Faux Sea Glass (Julia Androus), Faux Anything, Freezer Paper Backgrounds, Foiling, Foil Flashing Tape, Fabric Stamping, Floor Wax Backgrounds, Friendly Plastic techniques, Fun foam techniques, Frosted Embossing, and the one I'm doing today: Fusible Webbing Backgrounds.
Followed Trish's advice and used a dark paper for the background. Cut a piece of Heat and Bond(one brand of fusible webbing) to place on top. Used heat gun to get the webbing to melt. You can see that it bubbles and separates as it melts.

I had cut the Heat and Bond larger than my paper, so I tore off the edges and added them to the top and reheated (I like texture).
Used a variety of embossing powders to sprinkle over the hot melted webbing, and reheated with the heat gun.
Came up with this lovely background :
Tried the same technique using light blue paper and the same embossing powders (but not the copper ones). Here I mixed the powders together before adding them to the melted webbing to get a more even distribution of colors for this background:

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Rena Sawatski said...

oh wow, both are great, but I love the first one with all the glorious colours!