Tuesday, September 29, 2009

F is for Fabric Stamping

Working on making some art tote bags. Have some upcoming classes/art retreats and though it would be handy to have a small tote for the little things. Decided to combing my love of stamping and quilting with batik fabrics to make these. Re read up on fabric stamping. First, pre-wash fabric, then iron and cut out pieces.

On this piece I stamped on flourishes with turquoise Lumiere paint and stamped on small words with dark blue Fabrico ink (not sure why the words don't show up in this photo?!?). I believe Fabrico inks are now manufactured under a different name. On this piece, used all fabrico inks. Filled in and highlighted stamped words with Fabrico ink pens. Stamped flourish with Fabrico ink pads.
On this piece. Stamped on letters and painted them in with olive green Lumiere paint, outlined the letters with a purple Fabrico ink pen. Dragonflies were stamped with olive green Lumiere paint.
Heat set the ink and paint by ironing both sides of the fabric with a dry hot iron. To be extra cautious, also ran them in the dryer on high for 30 minutes.

Now, something is not working with my sewing machine. Off to borrow a friend's machine.

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