Friday, September 5, 2008

Enhancing Fabric with Stamps

I have a sewing project to work on and wanted to add stamp images to the fabric. I'm not ready to "design" my own fabric, but thought it would be fun to embellish some patterned fabric. Like adding additional images to background papers. I found a great tutorial for stamping on fabric by Lenna Andrews.
Here's the first fabric I choose:
I used Fabrico inks with a text stamp to add some dimension to this fabric. I used peony purple, burgundy and forest on different pieces.
Then I used metallic gold Lumiere paint with a swirl stamp for a little subtle glitz. I think this stamping makes the fabric more interesting.
The other fabric I choose is already gorgeous, but thought I could add something to it.
I used the same text stamp with ultramarine Fabrico ink.
And used metallic bronze Lumiere paint with a flourish stamp to give this fabric some glitz.
This is fun to do.

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Unknown said...

These are gorgeous, Carol! I especially love the "red/orange" one. Very vibrant!