Sunday, September 21, 2008

House of Blues

This is my second house of the In My House Swap for the Chunky Book Artist group. I choose the theme House of Blues. I bought some light modeling paste to add texture to the front of the house without adding a lot of weight. I spread a thin layer of the modeling paste over the house shape (cut out of mat board) with a plastic card.
I used a paste paper tool to create texture and let it dry overnight.
I painted over the whole front with a medium blue acrylic paint. After it dried, I watered down black acrylic paint and rubbed it over the surface.
Here's a close up of the painted texture.
I heated yellow fun foam with a heat tool and stamped it with a moon image. Cut out the moon shape then ran a black/gold Brilliance ink pad over the surface to color.
To make the shutters, I stamped a window image on scraps of mat board, ran a light Distress pad over it and colored the frame areas with a marker. I cut the window in half to make two shutters. I ran a Distress pad over the words and stamped musical notes with a darker Distress pad on top.
I added an image of a woman to some card stock colored with the same marking pen as the shutters to create a window frame. For the guitar player image, I erased the dark background in photoshop and added in a smokey curtain as the backdrop. Here's the finished front:
I cut out black card stock in the house shape to cover the back. I randomly sprayed on dark blue and pewter sprays.
I had trouble with my sprays, the blue came out of the nozzle sideways and backwards and occasionally came out in large drops. Although these backgrounds have a large variety to them, they all remind me of the night sky, which is what I wanted.
I cut out long triangles of light blue card stock and randomly sprayed with blue & pewter Shimmering Mist sprays.
While the ink was still wet, I randomly sprinkled on Teal Moon Glow two tone embossing powder and heat set. This is the first time I used this product. I like it!
I added icicle glitter glue to wing images and holographic glitter glue to the star and dress of this woman image.
I stamped some flourishes over the words with pearlescent blue Brilliance ink and layered all the pieces to the back. Finished back:


Anonymous said...

Lovely texture, thanks for the step by step.


Manna said...

These are so very cool, Carol! I especially love all the texture on the one with themeen.