Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shrine for Karen's "IT" gift

Karen is the "IT" girl on Art-Venturers for March. She picked shrines as her theme. Nothing like a group of creative people to stretch each other. I had an idea, but needed to think of a shrine that I could easily mail to the UK. I started with a blue circle cut out double mat board and some foam core board. I sprayed the mat board with platinum Shimmering Mist and let it dry. I cut out 3 pieces of foam core board to add depth to my frame.
I stamped a flourish with pearl white Lumiere acrylic paint to add a textured look to the mat. (Make sure you wash acrylic paints off your stamps right away.)
I cut out a piece from an old work sheet that had acrylic paint and spray drippings added to it from earlier today. I used silver Encore ink to add a block "love" stamp. I glued this to the back of one of the foam mats.
I glued the three foam mats together and added a heart charm to a chain and glued it into a cut out section of the frame. I cut out an image of an angel carrying a child that was printed on a transparency sheet. This image was taped to the top of the foam mat, layering over the stamped word "love".
I glued the circle cut out mat board onto of the foam mat layers. Printed an angel image onto canvas paper, cut it out and glued it to the circle opening. I attached two decorative chains to the front of the mat. I covered the sides of the frames with silver flashing tape, have a very narrow edge of the tape along the front of the mat.
I sprayed one prisma flower with blue Shimmering Rain and the other with platinum Shimmering Rain. These were then layered with two white flowers, a small silver metal flower and a silver brad.
I added the flowers to the center of a silver chain, and attached the chain to the sides of the frame.
Here's a close up. It's hard to see the fun of the layers with the transparency in a photo.
I hope Karen likes her shrine. I had fun making it.


Rosie said...

Gorgeous, beautiful, fab! I love hopw you made this and I bet Karen will adore it!

chrissy said...

WOW!!!! This is so it!