Sunday, February 15, 2009

Angel Frame

I decided to make a framed angel piece from the canvas I painted and stamped earlier. I turned the canvas over, and drew on a "X" to mark where to cut the canvas with a craft knife.
I folded the cut flaps toward the back and glued them down, creating a canvas frame. I wrapped a bronze and a white gossamer ribbon together around the frame.
I added a larger white gossamer ribbon along the top and bottom edges under the other ribbons. Glued an angel embellishment to the top left corner. Colored a silver "HOPE" metal buckle with gold alcohol ink and added it to the lower white ribbon. Tied a flower charm inside a heart frame charm and tied them inside the frame.
I painted two white prisma flowers with q. nickle azo gold acrylic paint. Then sprayed them with four other white prisma flowers with copper Color Mist.
I layered the prisma flowers together with a bronze brad and attached them to the ribbons on the frame. I glued an angel printed onto a transparency sheet to the back of the frame.
A fun project.


Unknown said...

This is lovely! The browns and coppers contrast deliciously with the blues in the photo! And your directions are fabu - easy to follow!

Rosie said...

Forgive the play on words, but this is simply divine Carol!I loved it at the bronze stage with the flowers in blue showing... but it turned out beautifully!
Do not tempt me to cut my canvasses! LOL!

chrissy said...

This is beautiful Carol!!!! You know...I think Margaret's IT theme is cemetary angels!!! Something like this may be perfect for her.