Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Small Cuttlebug folder/die Holder

I love playing with the Cuttlebug. The embossing folders give a nice deep dry embossed image. ccswaps is having a Cutlebug swap, I had to sign up. Besides making "something" using the Cuttlebug embossing folders, I wanted to make something a Cuttlebug enthusiast would appreciate. I discovered the small Cuttlebug embossing folders and dies fit nicely into the plastic badge holders I use to make ATC holders. Eureka! So I made this Cuttlebug embossing folder/die holder.
I also wanted to emboss some paper/materials I hadn't yet tried. I have some attractive wall paper samples. I choose this black paper with silver stripes for the outside covers. Ran it through the embossing folder, ran black Archival ink over the top and heat set.
I used this textured cream wall paper sample for the inside covers. I ran through the same embossing folder, inked the top with black Archival ink and heat set.
The wall paper is very flexible. To do a second layer of embossing that I wanted to keep its hold, I first adhered thin cardboard to the back of the wallpaper after embossing the numbers folder. I then ran this cardboard backed wall paper through the Cuttlebug with the diamond embossing folder. Next I ran a platinum Brilliance pad over the surface to lighten it and give it a little sheen.
I really like how the texture changes the appearance of the page as it moves in the light:

Another paper I hadn't embossed before was thick vellum. I wanted to tie in the inside cover embellishments with the inside covers. I embossed a sheet of thick vellum with the same diamond embossing folder as used on those covers, then punched out two slide mounts.
I ran the same Brilliance pad over the slide mounts and added a bit of this Brilliance ink to two images with my finger. I adhered the embossed wall paper fronts to the other side of the cardboard covers and colored the edges with a silver leafing pen.
For an embellishment on the front cover, I stamped a clock face onto thin card board. To make the clock "cover", I printed the same image used on the inside covers onto a transparency sheet. Before stamping the clock outside edge, I played with placement to decide how I wanted the image to appear on the clock. I stamped the image with StaZon ink and let dry.
I adhered the stamped transparency image to the cardboard, added a silver brad and attached to the front cover. I also attached a metal embellishment with two black brads. Bound the covers and pages together with a Bind-It-All using 1" rings so the holder will expand to hold desired folders and dies.
I stamped the words "be entertained" onto the vellum slide mount on the inside front cover.
I stamped the words "enjoy life" on the vellum slide mount on the inside back cover.
I'm not giving away my Cuttlebug embossing folders and dies along with this holder. The recipient will have to fill the holder with their own supplies.
View of the back of the holder:


Brenda said...

Wow, this is fantastic. Thanks for showing step-by-step. How happy are the recipients going to be to receive one of these. I've recently ordered a cuttlebug, so can't wait til it arrived.

Manna said...

You are just so so clever, Carol! Love this and how you use wallpaper. Try acrylic sheet, I had pretty good result from that too :)

Rena Sawatski said...

What a smashing idea Carol, to use the Folder for the Cuttlebug dies. I think I will use the one you sent me for that purpose.

As usual great step by step instructions, which are a big help for those of us who need to see rather than read what is being done.

Pauline h said...

I love this idea Carol.thanks for the inspiration.I am going to make a bigger one with postcard size pockets for my wizard dies and hopefully for the bigger cuttlebug folders.

Anonymous said...

What a neat little book!!! It turned out really nice. I would like to make one with your instructions. Where did you get the sleeves for the cuttlebug folders?
Thanks for sharing your artwork and instructions.

Carol said...

The clear badge holders come from Office Depot, but you can probably find them at any office supply store. The ones I get come in packets of 12.